Thursday, October 29, 2009

TOS Crew Review: The Amazing Bible Timeline

As a member of The Crew, I was sent the Amazing Bible Timeline to review. It came in a large roll and it came with a few interactive downloads all of which we get to keep. One is an interactive map of the Holy Land (a $14.97 value) and the other is a digital copy of the Amazing Bible Timeline (also a $14.97 value).

I took the opportunity to lay it on our school table and cover it with a vinyl covering so we can see it underneath. The timeline is arrange in a circular fashion and depicts 6000 years of history. The timeline is organized so you can see complete Biblical and World History from the time of Adam through modern times.

The timeline measures 37" x 45" and is a heavy cardstock good for walls or table top.

Cost: $29.97 plus $6 shipping

This is a great tool for looking at all of history juxtaposed with biblical history all at once. The interactive map of the Holy Lands lets you see the ancient and modern boundaries of those countries.

As a visual person, I find the timeline hard to look at for long! That's my honest assessment. The writing is small and there is just a lot on the page when you are talking about putting 6000 years of history on one poster!

In our homeschool, the Amazing Bible Timeline is for fun fact finding and reference only. We are not a chronological history homeschooling family that lives and dies by our timelines! The strength of this product lies in the fact that it shows you all in one place how Biblical history lines up with secular history. It always amazing to note what was going on in other places around the world when David was King or when Jesus was crucified. We don't often align those things to make it all come together. I know Biblical history and I know secular history. I don't know a lot about how they coexisted.

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