Sunday, November 1, 2009

World Map Fun

For years now, I've been buying disposable liner shower curtains from the dollar store. Yeah I know...totally NOT a green thing to do, but really I'm just not into keeping the shower curtain clean when, for a $1, I can replace it instead! They used to be a nice weight, but lately they've been super thin and not very effective at keeping water in the tub. Dan finally asked...when did the dollar store go cheap on us??

So, we're entering a new phase. The phase where I attempt to keep a shower liner clean. So, if I was going to buy a new, more permanent liner, I decided to go fun. The World Map.

This is meant to be an outer shower curtain, but since we have ONE bathroom for the six of us we have a dark outer curtain so that when there are potty emergencies during showers, there is a shred of hope for privacy for the person in the shower.

Instead we turned the curtain so the map can be read in the shower. It does a fine job of keeping water where it should be. Not so much at reducing time in the shower!


Diane said...

That is super cool!

Amber said...

The kids' shower curtain is a map of the United States, faced in the shower! I used to have the World Map, but it got too dirty so I bought a new one. :-) I feel your shower-curtain-cleaning pain.


Heather said...

Oh no! It didn't get dirty?! Hmmm....a US map. I might have to have a spare! You case I have to take it down to clean it. ; )

Sheri said...

Oh that is so cool!! Wouldn't you know I am in the middle of redoing the kids bathroom??!

Heather said...

Sheri I think it's cool to hear our 7yo reading country names as he scrubs clean!

Everyone NEEDS one of these!

jennybell said...

What I want to know is - where can I get one of these?!

Heather said...

I found mine at Target!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! We also have 6 folks sharing 1 bath- feel your pain. Good luck on keeping it clean. I get the $6 one from Walmart & replace it 3-4 times a year.

K-tribe said...

I am going to look now the next time I go to the D.S.
BTW- Not sure how you clean your shower curtain but did you know that you can was shower curtains in the Washer?? I just throw in a towel and the shower curtain and it cleans it right up! Just don't put them in the dryer. :-)