Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leaf Prints

Remember when I mentioned we'd do some leaf prints? I found the directions and inspiration at the Handbook of Nature Study blog. If you don't follow that blog, I highly recommend it. Barb is just really good at being consistent with her nature studies and sharing them with us.

We are ready to go!

I7 did a nice job of getting some clear images.

I liked working with inks instead of paints. It's too easy to use too much paint and not see any prints- just blobs.

R9 decided to try something different and use the leaf as a stencil. How clever is that?

We really liked that you could more clearly see the outline of the leaf.

Now that's a RED oak! We picked this leaf up down at the school yard last weekend while we visited the playground. Oddly enough, there are no oak trees right nearby to us. We were glad to find some a quarter mile away at the school.

R9 tried another something special.

This time she used the inked up side of the leaf down toward the paper and did the stenciling again. So, this is cool because you get the clear outline and some patterning of the real leaf where it was pressed down upon with the ink pad.

I had to try using a leaf as a stencil too. Pretty cool.

I7's finished product. We put them in our nature journals and make some extra free prints for decorations.
Just the latter half of this week it has turned to a real November looking sky and tree line. Mostly brown leaves are left...with a few bright spots of yellow, but for the most part the trees are now bare.

Some of you may be in the prime of your leaf collecting autumn. I encourage you to get outdoors and collect some leaves. We collected these and then headed outside to do our stamping.


Tracey said...

You guys did a good job. We tried this but the leaves just did not come out clearly.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I love the stencil idea! Really great job on the prints using this method....thanks for sharing.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

PS Could you add your link to Mr. Linky on the Autumn Series tree study so other families can use your idea too?