Saturday, September 12, 2009

Katy No Pocket- Before FIAR

For the last week or so J4 and I have been doing Katy No Pocket as his Before Five in a Row book. He loves this book! He will tell anyone he is doing home preschool. He is very much enjoying his status as an official preschooler. I can't believe he is our last preschooler!

We have the B4 fold n learn for Katy No Pocket. We made them the summer before last with I-7 who was getting ready for Kindergarten at the time. J4 and I decided to fill them with some of our puppets. Click the link if you want to see more of our puppets.

Something for J4's workbox this week

The alphabet mat has been out all week. I almost got away with putting it away last night. Nope...J4 pulled it right back out!
Alphabet Resources- This is a post I did a while ago all about alphabet resources. Enjoy them and stay tuned for more Katy No Pocket this coming week.


SC said...
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Ticia said...

love the puppet apron.

Tracey said...

Very cute apron. Now that is really bringing a story to life. Do you make them in my size?