Monday, September 14, 2009

Math Moments

We did some frog math last week. J4 had a great time and has asked for more frog math. I7 liked it too. J4 is all kinds of big at preschool time. Very cute.

That is E11 who does not want others to know he does Life of Fred Math. The horror!
E11 is our "show me the page" math boy. He's also the mental math king. Hey E- uh I've got .806 of a yard in the batting remnant. Run the numbers on exactly the fraction of yardage I've got here...BAM answer. Love that.

"Show me the page and leave me alone" means he's a kid who wants to read about how to do the math and then do it. No bells. No whistles. No hands on. Just his pencil. His book. His page of problems. His intellect. He wants to gut it out. And heaven forbid he show is work!!! What work? It's all up here. That's right. Enter mental math king. Who needs "work" for a problem anyway? That's for people who need that.

Meanwhile, R9 and I7 are in living math heaven.

So, don't let E11 fool you if he tells you he's not doing math. He's just not sure what to do with himself when he's not filling out 5 pages of problems a day. So, you know...he hasn't done any programming this week on his NXT or figured out what's going wrong with the programming of his football game. No math there. He didn't just stand up in front of his lego team today and provide a rockin' illustration and explanation of his NXT robot and how does its thing. Nope no math there.

What am I thinking??


Sheri said...

LOL at the difference in kids. Mine are the same way. Some love(d) manipulatives, others...not so much. (I, on the other hand, think counting bears are the most awesome things EVER!)

Tracey said...

Both my girls love the math manipulatives they just do not love the math.