Friday, June 5, 2009

Picnic Table Talk- Alphabet

ABC and 123 is hosting a weekly picnic table talk and this week's topic is Alphabet. So, I thought it would be fun to join in on this one. Although I have not been specifically working on the alphabet hardcore with J3, we have done plenty with the alphabet. Below are some resources I like and use and some of the things J3 has done throughout the year with the alphabet. He knows all his letters and their sounds at this point. Pretty cool.

We use Before Five in a Row as our core preschool program.

I like to use this book to do alphabet activities. Thankfully our local library has its own copy!

One of the Before Five in a Row selections- our current book though we haven't done much with it yet.

Another favorite Before book that J3 has not done yet. I have the Fold n Learn for this one which has some fun alphabet activities.

One of J3's birthday presents (his birthday is next Wednesday) is a set of upper and lower case alphabet sand molds from Learning Resources. I found them at Rainbow Resource. Of course!
Of course we have ample amounts of magnetic letters to use on our magnetic board.

Who doesn't love to stamp? These are R9's but she is fantastic at sharing.

And the lower case set...

Frig Phonics- lots of leap frog fun here. I especially like the letter dance J3 does along with it.
Word wammer is fun. You put letters in order to make three letter words and it says the word. And in case you are wondering there are certain three letter words that the Word Wammer claims not to know. Dan checked. I laughed.

This is the third in the Letter Factory series- good ol' magic E. We don't have the 3 letter word video- yet.
This is the way J3 learned his letter sounds. Hands down. Good stuff. I just get to have fun practicing with him and reinforcing those skills.

Leapster games- J3 loves them!
This is a great for letter sounds and recognition. J3 is still working on mastering the game.

Other alphabet fun items:
  • puzzles- floor puzzles, trains, pair puzzles with upper and lower case or letter sounds
  • letter tiles by Learning Resources
  • letter bingo
  • letter fishing both a home made game and the Discovery Toys game
  • learning wrap up
  • playdough ABC cutters
  • preschool activities in a bag- lots of them revolve around letters (I'm awaiting the results of an exchange for the second book so I'll be getting a whole new set soon)
  • Boggle, Jr.
  • Bananagrams- we use these with a little dump truck to scoop and talk about the letters and find them
  • Scrabble, Jr.
  • Scrabble- any game with letters tiles can be a good time for a preschooler. Who says you have to follow the rules?
  • chicka chicka boom boom- have you made that coconut tree? We have! I think it's time to do it again soon...
  • Leapfrog word caterpillar
  • Wilson cookie cutter alphabet
That's a pretty good list! The possibilities are endless for alphabet play. Really. So dig in for some preschool fun!


Amy said...

Thanks for sharing your list! I need to do some of these fun things with my 3 year old 2nd born. She gets brushed to the side sometimes, I'm afraid.

Your dh said...

Yeah, the Word Wammer won't say ***, ***, or ***. Oh look, even Blogspot won't let you write them. Oh well...

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I just posted on the FIAR forums that I was considering purchasing before FIAR,,,now you have me sold! Thanks for the post. I had no idea that it worked so well with little ones on learning their alphabet. Whenever I spell stuff out for my 6 year 2 year old is repeating all the names of the letters I say. So I think he is ready for this.

School for Us said...

Wow! So many great ideas. :-)

My FAVORITE letters/letter sounds resource with my daughter were the "My Sound Box Books" by Jane Belk Moncure. Incredible books! (And, she has lots of other great sets.) You can pick them up at ebay or used book stores - I think I got our set at Half Price Books.

Julie said...

Great resources, Heather! Makes me want another pre-schooler. :)

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

What a lot of great resources. I love the ABC sand molds. How fun is that! I can see my little play outside boys having a lot of fun learning in the sandbox. Thanks for sharing your ideas and linking up to the party!

Carpenters said...

I've started collecting my alphabet arsenal and have a few of the items you listed. The banana letters are the next on my list to get. We have the Frig Phonics, but unfortunately, we do not know the letter dance. Maybe J3 will teach it to us some time. :-)

Katie said...

Wow I am so glad you joined up this week, so I could find your blog:) I have to say I am laughing because when we got the Word Whammer one of the first things my DH did was try some inappropriate words, boys! I also am liking those sandbox letters, how cool. I normally shope Lakeshore Learning, because we used to live close by to several in CA. They have some similar products, like the stamps, but it's fun to find new ones!

You mentioned Activities in a Bag, and I'm currently on the look out for some to add to an upcoming post on ABC. Have you posted any or know of anyone who did? Can you share your resource with me so I can add it to the post? Any infor you can give me would be appreciated! My direct email is linked with my profile.