Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday I!

I- 6 turned 7 today! He lives up to his namesake and makes us laugh often. One of three boys he has his own style and personality. He looks so much like his daddy and his grandfather it often makes me laugh at how strong those genetics are. He is our one and only leftie and the only one who tans at all. He's getting browner every day which just makes his blue eyes sparkle more especially with is blond hair.

I-7 is a quintessential boy and he is very special to us. He is our third born who came along when our oldest, E10 was just over 3.5 yrs old. It was a very busy time. But worth every moment. We love you I!!!

Happy 7th Birthday!!

Plan B- those are marshmallows. The LEGO molds didn't work and we didn't have time to experiment.

The spoils of a really fun LEGO party- all those sets have been built already. E10 was only too glad to lend a helping hand.
Paying attention? We scored the world version of Carmen Sandiego. I-7 was sooo excited to see it. We've been having some crazy amounts of geography going on here lately.


3 Sons said...

Love the Lego cake! Very cute! We had two Lego birthday parties in 2005.

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday I! Your cake looks neat.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday I-man! Enjoy your Legos!