Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Dan!

Yesterday was Dan's birthday. I wanted to get him a new bike this year. But you know how it with dads sometimes. They always put the needs of the family ahead of what they want. So, I thought perhaps drastic measures were necessary. The kids and I decided to kidnap Dan from work and take him to the local bike shop within walking distance of campus.

We stopped on campus and delivered the ransom note. He had to put together the clues to see where he was going. Note the bike sticker on his shirt. He solved the riddle!

He's ready for the test drive! When he came back he was prepared to purchase his Trek 7100 and a new helmet the same model as the one he wearing in the photo.

I made him some yummy jambalaya and an apple pie plus gave him this great little shirt from Union 28

You know these things come in pairs...wearing mine today! I always get the best comments on these type shirts. Everyone loves our "i love my husband/wife" shirts too from David Nasser
R9 gave him quarters for the arcade at the Museum of Play where they will be going next week while I'm in Nashville (heads up...I'm going to Nashville!). She also gave him a piece of dark chocolate and a place to hold his coins.

Happy Birthday Dan! We love you!


Beka said...

Tell him Happy Birthday. Just wanted to thank you for the Union 28 site. I had never seen it and look forward to grabbing us a set for Christmas!! Thanks!

Jane said...

Now, that's the way to celebrate a birthday!

Anonymous said...

Not that you don't rock Heather, but I get the sense that Dan is mocking the t-shirts.


Heather said...

Jana you have a good sense there...but he's a good sport!

Tracey said...

Happy birthday Dan! It looks and sounds like fun was had by all. Great present Heather.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dan!!

From the 4 R's of Spafford