Tuesday, September 15, 2009

E is 11!

E turned 11 on September 10th. 11? Really? Where has the time gone?

For his birthday we gave him a set of college football tickets to see Syracuse University play MN for their game opener and West Virginia for a Big East conference game. Any college football fans out there? Then you might know Virginia Tech is a former member of the Big East. But for the last two years they have been the ACC Champions...and they thought we didn't deserve to move to the ACC. E11 and Dan have been counting the years down to when Syracuse would play Tech again...2010. Unfortunately, Syracuse decided to bail and all hopes were dashed. There will be no Hokie football at the Carrier Dome next fall.

Besides the NXT inventor's guide and the new game for his collection, he will going out on an overnight on a local trail with Dan and his best friend and his dad after the first frost. He can hardly wait.

E11 is a great kid. His world and his current passions can be summed up with the help of photos.

LEGOS- what self respecting American boy does not love LEGOS? The ritual raking of the bricks can be heard at various times throughout the day at my house.
But who am I kidding? He really, really loves Star Wars LEGOS- he actually has this model and a really sweet super star destroyer too. Make no mistake. E11 is a follow the directions to make a model kind of guy unlike I7 who can make an awesome creation out of just the bare minimum. Funny how kids are so different.

This should really be at the top this time of year. Virginia Tech Hokie football is a first priority these days. He checks the rankings weekly and knows all the stats. He's a true blue fan and has even corresponded with Coach Beamer himself. Go Hokies! Oh and in case you are curious as to where the allegiance comes from...Dan is a Virginia Tech alum. E11 plans to follow in his father's footsteps and pursue chemical engineering at Tech. If he does it, he'll be the fourth generation of engineers in that line. For real.

E11 LOVES college football. NCAA football on the PS2 is his favorite video game. He just ordered the 2009 version with some birthday cash. He can hardly wait to see it arrive.

E11 is a fantastic soccer player. He loves to play mid-fielder and forward positions so he can run the field and take shots on goal. He loves his soccer. Right now he is playing on the local U12 team and taking a soccer class at co-op. Who knows...someday maybe he'll play Hokie soccer.

When he isn't watching sports or playing he is reading. He is quite a discerning fellow and prefers epic adventures. He is a member of the Redwall fan club out of the UK. Lastly, E11 is a serious gamer. He loves all kinds of board games and card games and this is the latest in his collection- Carcassone. Great game! Plays well and it's easy for a 4yo to play along.

It's a little like Rivers, Roads, and Rails with some extra strategy thrown in. E11 liked it so much he ordered another version with his birthday money.
There you have it...a picture biography of our oldest son E now 11 years old. He's come a long way since we brought him home from the hospital so long ago now. We're proud of you E11! We love you!


Kristenph said...
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Kristenph said...

Happy Birthday to E. My oldest is 11 too.

I wanted to mention that I am an ACC fan. I'm a NC State grad with a Chem E degree. I knew a LOT of Chem E's from Virginia Tech because in my pre-mom days at worked for Eastman Chemical Co. in Kingsport, TN. It's a great school. Not sure how long it will take me to include them in the ACC though :) I was in college when Florida State joined and that still doesn't seem right. Of course Va Tech makes much more sense than Boston College and Miami. Give me a break.


Aunt Kim said...


Emily said...

Happy Birthday to E! We love Carcassone, too. I found a great, free online version at games.asobrain.com

Felciia said...

I just had to comment on this one. I have been following your blog for a month or 2 now & really enjoying it; we seem to have a lot in common & my oldest son & yours are one more thing.

My oldest is about to turn 10 & he loves college football (my hubby & I are both NCSU grads- he is an agricultural engineer) so we are wolfpack fans. He LOVES soccer & is very good- plays goalie & forward. He is a direction follower, reading, & board game playing boy! How funny- must be oldest son traits.

Thanks for posting so much cool stuff. I have started a blog of my own- mainly for personal therapy but it is very slow going. My technology & learning curve are somewhat challenged in these areas. I also have 4 boys- 9,6,4, & 1 so enough said!

Have fun in nashville!