Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4-H Results are In!

Congratulations to everyone! Blue and red ribbons all around for our 4-Hers. They are already scheming for next year's fair and now that I have all the criteria for the sewing judging, R9 can make some improvements.

R9 made this skirt using only her measurements and how long she wanted the skirt to be.

Her Felicity gown just missed being sent on to State Fair- all garments must have finished seams. Oh my Grandma! (she and R9 worked on this one last summer- F9's first foray into the world of machine sewing- by all reports she was a natural from the start)

The drawstring bag could have use some additional design- I think she'll have fun with creative design over the next year.

R9 made this for co-op last fall and chose fabric according to her liking. Apparently for the fair, it needs to match. ha. What you don't see is that the backing is a white fabric with constellations on it! You know of course that R9 does not care!

Her handsewn strawberry got points for creativity. She needs to work on tightening up her stitches!

Yay! E10's one entry earned him a red ribbon.

I-7's Cloverbud submission. He did not submit anything last year so this was exciting.

Not to be disappointed, R9's artwork also earned a red. The judge did not like the "unfinished moons". Sometimes art work is misunderstood- like here the moon was created because there was tape there during the painting. I guess we'll have to be more mindful of this sort of thing if our art projects are fair bound.


Anonymous said...

Great Work! My dd is working on a skirt too. Doll clothes with sleeves are hard -WOW! I can hardly wait until fair season.

Tracey said...

Way to go all of you! Great job!

Sugga Mama said...

They all had wonderful projects! Great work Guys!

Our fair is in September so my kids are working on projects now. They are so funny and want to enter something in EVERY category.

School for Us said...

Congrats to everyone! And, this post reminded me to search for a 4-H group for next year. We had a local one for homeschoolers, but I guess it dissolved.