Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Sewing

I've been working on getting a sewing camp going for R9 and some other girls. The place in town we wanted to do lessons with has more than a "nominal" fee. SUCH a bummer. So, our first day was Monday and R9 was set to finish a project from last fall.

First she had to cuff her sleeves- I forgot the cord to my machine so she got to use a fun Husqevarna machine with some cool features like "fix" which means the needle stays in place and stitches so you don't have to back stitch. R9 really is a natural with her machine skills.

She learned to set in a sleeve using some basting stitches, gathering it, and easing it in to the sleeve hole. It was slow work for a 9 yr old, but I think the results for her first time are pretty good. Her teacher, who is a fellow homeschooling mom who goes to our church, was very patient and very talented at getting her to understand the steps involved.
Isn't this a fun fleece? I'm looking forward to finishing up with the other sleeve. Then she just needs to put in a casing at the bottom hem.
I have an adult pattern for this same fleece. I think R9 and I could make a little collection of these!


Tracey said...

Very nice pullover, and I love her haircut. Very cute!

Heather said...

Thanks Tracey,

It looks a lot better now that she's had it cut again. To keep that stack neat we both get it cut every five weeks.

Tracey said...

That is cute! Matching hairstyles. Both of my dd have long, curly hair and will not get a hair cut. Curly hair is tricky. Anyway, she is a cutie!

Sugga Mama said...

WOW that is a great top! I don't think I could make that.

Lynn said...

Heather, she did a fabulous job! Michaela (10) has expressed interested in sewing. I need to find a teacher for her. So much to do!!


Kim said...

Your dd's done a wonderful job!