Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dot Painters

I know I've mentioned my love of Biocolor paint before and my fondness of the Colorations paints from Discount School Supply in general. However, I had to bring it up again because well they are just so much fun!

Featured here are the bingo bottles. You can buy them full of the washable tempera paints or the biocolor paints. You can buy them empty and fill them with either of those paints or the liquid watercolor paints. Love them all!

These were ones I had bought filled with washable tempera paints that were quite old at this point. I had been meaning to wash them and out and refill them and topping them with new tops which you can also purchase. I finally did it!

My dishpan full of Biocolor Paints and the newly filled bingo bottles- the bottles make for an easy, mess free painting experience.

I can't mention these paints without showing off the fun stuff. You can mix fabric medium, shimmer, glitter with the paint to give it those properties. How fun is THAT? The BioPutty means that you mix the paint with that medium and it turns to a putty substance. Paint additives...does it get any better?
At our house we have a full compliment of BioColor paints which I bought in the large kit. BioColor paints are unique because they swirl and marbelize, but they do not blend. That makes for some fun stuff. I'd like to add the florescent colors to our collection.

We also have red, blue, yellow, black, and white in washable temperas so we can mix colors and make new colors, shades and hues.


Twinmomwv said...

What is better about Bio Paint? I'm just getting started with hs and need help for art projects.

Heather said...

It's a nice smooth paint and it does some fun things like marbleize or swirly up instead of blending to a new color when you mix them.

Plus, there's all the additives. It isn't really washable though so just be aware of that. Hit the website and see what you think!