Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Reading Splash!

As I've been settling into to my new role as a TOS Homeschool Crew Member, I've been reflecting on what the kids will be doing this summer.

There's no shortage of reading programs out there for kids. The major bookstore chains all have one and so does the library. We are getting started on those...who can pass up free books?

But here's another one you can participate in with your kids. The Old Schoolhouse sponsors one called Splash and you can visit Splish's blog to find out how to particpate. There are prizes at the end so join in the summer reading fun! It started a few weeks ago so don't hesitate to get going!


Joy said...

Just found your blog through some women on Mothering Dot Commune re: FIAR. I just wanted to let you know you are an incredible inspiration and you might have single handedly saved our homeschool with this amazingly thorough and darling, priceless blog of yours! Blessings upon you all from a weary and worried homeschooling Mama of 5....

Charlotte Mason and Five In A Row we our original dreams but so many things have gotten in the way. Never take this blog down, ok? The work you've saved me here is a treasure trove--all this FIAR stuff, my heart is just singing!

Warmest, warmest thanks
Joy in Michigan

Heather said...

You made my day Joy! Thanks for reading and letting me know how the blog has helped you.

I'm so glad to hear you've found some inspiration.

You've lifted my spirits tonight!