Friday, June 19, 2009

Is There a Doctor in the House?

With all the kids' birthdays we've had recently, it's not hard to imagine that we had to have some well checks to go along with them. We spent nearly 2 hours at the pediatrician's office on Wednesday afternoon and the event inspired a lot of pretend play. I've been doctored quite a lot since then and J4 has been really on those "pinches" (shots). He had more than his fair share the other day seeing as how he got his boosters. On the upside, he's done until he's 10.

The doctor box.

The scrubs- courtesy of Grandma.

The lab coat- also Grandma. She made name tags for the three oldest kids. The title says "Doctor of People". The stethoscope is from Discount School Supply and is pretty authentic. Note: I-7 really has the "blog picture" stance down - whatever it takes to keep the face out of the picture! Such cooperation for the cause.

E10 is being a good big brother and a good patient. We have lots of arm orthopedic supplies because E10 broke his arm a few years ago. Great for the box.

Inside our Fisher Price doctor kit- this is a few years old so I'm sure the current version is different.

I picked up this little gem at a Scholastic Warehouse sale as I was starting to homeschool four years ago. It has some great paperwork to go with learning centers.

These are in our doctors box- how cool are these?

And follow up appt cards.

I bet you're wondering where we keep this stuff! Well it so happens that we have a wire shelf that goes around the perimeter of our playroom up near the ceiling. We have boxes there with labels on them.

The centers hold the dress up and the props for each category. This makes it easy to store dress up and it makes for great pretend play! We also have bags of themed dress up on a set of hooks in our playroom.

What other centers are currently made up?
  • restaurant
  • hairdresser
  • grocery store
  • house (this one is more spread out but we have lots of food and kitchen things)
I'd like to get a library center all my spare time! There's also ideas for zoo, post office, hospital, pet store, shoe store, airport, engineering and construction and commercial fishing. Never thought to have a commercial fishing center. There's also paperwork for a Native American fish camp. Wow.


Tracey said...

That looks very fun! Maybe you will have a few doctors in your family one day.

Clemencia said...

Hi, I would love to see the wire shelf that goes around the perimeter of the playroom, would you mind showing us pictures of it?
thanks so much :)

Our Worldwide Classroom said...

oh they sound fabulous. I'd also love to see some pics of how you have them organised.

Anonymous said...

We have that same doctor kit -- though it's veeeerrrrryyy worn out at this point. My daughter still uses many things out of it, though.

I love that scholastic book! I wonder what the chances are of finding it for sale somewhere?

I had to crack up at your son holding his head back to avoid a 'facial shot'! What a hoot!

Thanks for sharing!

Shelly L from FIAR boards

Heather said...

Ok ladies...I'll post a picture of the perimeter shelving.

It's not pretty, but I'll share it!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I see that you can get the Scholastic "15 Instant and Irresistable Learning Centers" book new on Amazon for...... $163.00!! I hope you keep your locked up, Heather! : )

Shelly L from FIAR