Saturday, June 20, 2009

Block Play

I was listing our block play materials for someone recently and I thought this would make a great blog post. Homeschooling blog fodder comes in many forms!

Blocks are an open ended toy that never grow old. Every time you play it's different. I can't tell you how many times I've seen giant fort formations all over my house! LEGO guys like to hide out in these forts. Elaborate play times ensue...even with our oldest kids.

Take a look at our block collection:
We used these at our science center a few years ago and J4 fell in love. We have our own set now. These narrow blocks are pretty versatile.

Check here for lots of block play stuff like store fronts and all kinds of things.

We also have the traffic signs and they are super for the car mat and block play. Even my 10 yr old will still do blocks because you should see the amazing forts one can make from nice blocks!

A recent acquisition for preschool and math time, these wood cubes can always double as a building toy.

One of our favorites these architectural blocks (see link above) are from Constructive Playthings.

Last year R4 got these for his birthday and they are a great addition to any collection. These were hand painted in the USA when my mother-in-law ordered them. Crazy but could smell the new paint. The links for these are all in the list above.

You can never go wrong with Wedgits. Never. Target sells small sets now, but in the category of blocks/building toys the more the better! Yes Dan. It's true even if you don't think so!

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Tracey said...

We really like the Wedgits.