Sunday, June 28, 2009

Art Center Progress

I asked Dan to build R9 an art center for her room since J4 was moving in with his brothers this spring. It is taking him much longer than I had envisioned, but without a man cave to work in...what's a guy to do? Work at the machine shop in the basement of his building on campus to build the cubes, wait for good weather once the shop work is done to do the sanding outside (twice), and take up space in our playroom to paint. Wait. Paint some more.

The desk is made from hand made wood boxes that have shelves in them forming the cube space. On top is a white laminate surface- the same one in my secret lair. There are four stacked here, but the others are extras for another time. Another vision.

Another use for the milk carton blocks!
R9 wanted this color on her walls, but it was vetoed by Dan...I'm totally into this color so I'd have gone for it. Aren't they coming along nicely? Just one more coat to go.

This is the space where the art center is going. It will fill the whole space. That's where J4's little bed used to be. And yes, her bed is up against the other wall in her room- it's tiny.

The chair is a gift from Grandma and Grandpa from Lakeshore Learning. We have these in our school room and I love them. They are sturdy since they're built for schools and the bottoms are big and round and very friendly on carpeting. This is the 17.5 inch teacher chair so she has room to grow. Who doesn't love a purple chair? Really.

In addition to the desk, we are putting up art strips painted the same as the cubes. They will have clips screwed to them so that she can hang art work. The boys will get a small length of art strip too for next to their beds. That way they can enjoy hanging their favorite projects in their space as well.

I'm excited to help her organize her art supplies and magazines in her art center cubes. We have baskets ready to help with the job. I think we'll find a spot for the Pack o' Fun Magazines too. She loves to scour those and do projects. I can't wait to have all her supplies in one area- scrapbooking, stamping, Sculpey, you name it. She also received her own oil pastels, watercolor pencils, and other things for her birthday.

We have a few other things in mind for her little room makeover- new curtains which will match the flowers stamped on her wall and I picked up a wall-y candy stripe sticker boarder to go under the flowers. She also has a new analog clock on her wall that will need a permanent place. When we have it all in place, I'll be sure to post again with the results.


kim wright said...

What a room for a little girl! I love it!
Aunt Kim

Holly said...

Love the art center, what a cute room I can't wait to paint Caly's!

Heather said...

Holly!!!! We miss you!!!

Heather said...

Thanks Kim!

Kisha said...

My daughter would love a room like that!!

Tracey said...

Looks great!

MoziEsmé said...

Oh I love the idea of decorating a room for a little girl! One of these days I'll get my turn... (And I love that green!)