Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review: The Old Schoolhouse Planner

It's that time of year folks...it's time to plan! Some of us are major planners. Others of us- not so much. I have to be honest and say I LOVE a good planning form. So, when I read that the TOS Planner has over 300 forms, I knew I had to see it for myself!

Calendar Forms- month at a glance, year at a glance (for up to the year 2012), yearly goal sheets, weekly planning sheets, schedule planning sheets for various numbers of children.

There are many quick reference sheets included like lists of the 13 Colonies, conversion charts, US Presidents, Famous Composers- just a variety of sheets with facts you can reference at a glance.

Many homeschool forms for keeping rock solid records and for use in your school- like journal pages, lab sheets, book report forms, handwriting practice sheets, nature journal sheets

Household Forms include babysitter forms, chore charts, food inventory chart, menu planning forms, daily schedule forms, homekeeping schedules

There are so many places to see what The TOS Planner has in it with specifics just what's included. I'd rather spend some time sharing my favorite things about this planner. Here we go:
  • You can type right into the fields on the electronic forms. How nice is that? You can type your plans and calendars and print them out.
  • The Preschool Section- includes ideas for a Preschooler Busy Box, Preschool Planning Pages, a skills checklist
  • Month at a Glance calendar pages- LOVE month at a glance calendars with giant squares for writing/typing things in
  • Monthly calendars are aligned with recipes and ideas for school each month
  • Annual Planning Sheet- so you can plan out the school calendar in with one easy form
  • Great set of weekly planning forms set for several numbers of children
  • Daily Schedule forms
  • Unit Study Record Forms- might come in handy as I save information in summary form to report the four times a year I need to do so in NY State.
  • Co-op Planning Forms- I think I'll use them to lay out my American Girl class for next semester.
You won't be disappointed in what you find in the 2009 TOS Homeschool Planner- particularly if you are a paper/pencil person who loves a good form! The cost is $39.00 and if you order before July 13, 2009, you will get the 2008 planner modules for free.

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