Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Getting Children Excited About Writing

Next up for review, The Old Schoolhouse WeE-book Writer's Workshop: Getting Children Excited about Writing.

I am pretty excited about this one! In it, the author Maggie Hogan takes you through the Writing Workshop process. You'll find out how to establish a Writer's Workshop with other families including the logistics of having babies and toddlers around.

Find out more about the four steps in the Writing Workshop- Mini Lesson, Group Writing, Author's Chair, and finally Adult Conferencing. She gives plenty of specific examples and ideas for using Writing Workshop as part of your schooling.

We have our children doing a Writer's Workshop here at home with each other. They write daily so I'm excited to use some of these strategies on a regular basis in our school. One last idea Hogan mentions is having a Publishing Party or Author's Tea. How fun is that?

I am anxious to see how using this will motivate my reluctant writer's to do more.

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