Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking- a Review

Here's another WeE-book from The Old Schoolhouse. This one sparked my interest because it sounds like a good math motivator. Dr. Ruth Beechick is the author of Building Strong Arithmetic Thinking.

I always enjoy seeing what Dr. Beechick has to say because she does a fantastic job of helping parents to teach their children and encouraging them along the way too! In this little book, she lays the foundation for starting with more concrete concepts when teaching math to young children so they can think abstractly later on.

She provides a wonderful checklist to help you keep track of what your young child is accomplishing in math. It lists skills that a preschooler up to a third grader should know. It's in the form of a handy chart that you can use to actually write down what date the child has mastered each concept.

Lastly, Dr. Beechick shares how to use "Common Sense Math" to teach and practice the math facts so often drilled and killed in early math programs. This idea goes hand in hand with her idea that "home-style" education is best.

If you've never had the opportunity to hear with Ruth Beechick has to say to parents, this is a great start. You won't be disappointed!

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