Monday, April 20, 2009

Very Silly Sentences

One of the items in I-6's Easter basket was the Very Silly Sentences game. I wasn't sure how this would be different from the other DK word games we have, but it looked like it had some more going on. It sure does!

You get to move around the board using a multi-faceted die and use the spinner to see what part of speech you get to pick from the piles. As you go around the board you build your sentence. I-6 did a great job reading all his words. This is a very nice game that we all enjoyed.

This is a sideways close up of the sentences we were building. This game will provide a lot of fun reading times!
This one will be showing up in the workboxes from time to time that is for sure.

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Valerie said...

This game looks really neat, my kiddos would have lots of fun with it for sure! We love making silly sentences, and I love that they would learn with it!