Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Science Center Field Trip

We have a terrific local science center where we are members and it's always fun to pop in there when we can. It's a favorite place for our 3yo because of the water table for preschoolers. Last Wednesday they were having a seed program for kids because it was spring break for the public schools. Of course we had to attend!

I-6 uses the tweezers to dissect a lima bean.

His turned out so well. It was easy to see all the seed parts that will become the bean plant.

Besides planting a sunflower, the kids made a bean book. This clever little bean model will become a part of our botany notebook.

Of course there are other exhibits to visit. One favorite is the dam table. Based on progress here, I informed the townspeople down stream to evacuate!

There is a discovery room where you can take out activity boxes. The kids love being in there. This is a box full of magnets that J3 and I played with.

R8 likes the spinner box.

Each box shows the contents and has multiple sets of directions and materials. There are all kinds of boxes relating to the different areas of science. They even have boxes for preschoolers.

We visited the earthquake table. You have to try and build a stable structure and when you press a button and move a dial you can see how your building stands up to an earthquake.

We met long time friends of ours at a pizza place for lunch and then enjoyed the afternoon at the center. A great field trip!

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