Friday, April 17, 2009

More Gardening Books

I wanted to share some other resources I've come across for studying plants. Our kit from Delta Education arrived on Thursday and I haven't had the chance to check it out a whole lot. We spent this past week enjoying some great field trips with a plant theme. I'm eager to share them with you. Stay tuned!

This nature book is for kids ages 4 to 7 and has some simple activities in it. There are activities on both plants and animals. I love the way she outlines an activity and then follows it up with a So Now We Know section. Ms. VanCleave's books for older kids do the same thing. She makes sure you know why something happens.

This book has experiments you can do with plants. It's part of the series Janice VanCleave has out on science fair projects. We may use this one to show examples of a concept we talk about or I may give E10 the challenge of doing some of these to further investigate something.

This DK book is for kids and teaches you about growing various foods and how to cook and enjoy them. There are fantastic photos (it is DK after all) and some fun tips. As we get started with the planting and growing we will keep this one in mind.

Another fun gardening with kids resource I found at our local library. Lots of gardening projects in here along with puzzles, recipes, crafts and gardening themed reading lists
I'm really ready to go here! This past week was spring break for the local schools and we were able to take advantage of some field trips related to our unit. The kids are very excited. We may get a chance to start preparing the ground in our garden beds. It's still too early to plant anything here- except for maybe peas. Memorial Day is our safe bet. Until then I have some seeds to get going. More on that later...

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Rachel said...

I want to see what you got in your delta kit! Also I clicked on the link in your original posting and didn't see how to order from them? I'd like to try to get some more science in so I'm looking at kits, individual materials, whatever.