Friday, April 17, 2009


Finally getting around to putting up our Easter photos...these are snippets from the whole week. On Palm Sunday we went to visit former neighbors and friends of the family who moved about an hour away or so. What a fun time we had!

On Saturday morning we went to an Easter breakfast at our church. Wow! It was really packed out and there was a great egg hunt for the kids. We had a nice time and when we got home it was still really early so we had a day of working and playing outside. Dan made a window sill for our dining room and I stripped a window I've been working on as a gift. That was the day of the Cherry Bomb too. It was cold but it was a good day!

On Easter Sunday the kids did their Easter basket scavenger hunts and then we went to church. Our dinner did not turn as planned whatsoever, but we did end up with ham. I was hoping for braised ribs...

J3 had a grand time coloring eggs. He just dyed them over and over. He didn't care he only had four to work with!

I-6 was very patient and got some really deep colors.

Mr. D tries his hand at a tie dyed egg- a technique highly criticized by his wife. Notice he protects his hands from the delicate procedure.

The kids follow and elaborate scavenger hunt to find their Easter baskets. R8's basket was in the oven this year. She found an American Girl felt craft book and some felt along with some much needed white Sculpey which reminds me that she has some Sculpey creations to share.

E10 found a new game- Castle Keep, a Scrabble dictionary which he adores (so look out competition), and a Scrabble puzzle book

I-6 found his basket in the dryer and in it was a reading game, a Star Wars book, and a timer bookmark. We made sure to tape the back of it since that battery door is lame. I'm just sayin'. If you haven't seen this before they time kids while they read. They can time up or down and there is a clock with an alarm. It's all very cool. R8 loves hers. The kids got these at Christmas one year and the resident toddler proceeded to pop all the batteries out. There was only one working left. Now I'm inspired to seek them out and replace their batteries.

J3 is all about his bubble gun. All about it. He also found a Curious George book and The Runaway Bunny on CD.

Some of you might remember the carnage from last year involving store bought bubbles. So, J3 knew he could do bubbles with a bubble gun and of course I need to keep up with the homemade bubble solution. No bubbles near the mouth J3! Since that day he has spent most of the week outdoors blowing bubbles. Indeed.

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