Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's in a Name?

J3 can recognize his name easily and can identify all the letters. So, recently I've been having him trace his name in preparation for getting him to spell it on his own.

Every day or so I give him a piece of art paper with his name written in pencil. He gets to trace the letters and decorate the page.

I try to use different media for decorating. We've done stickers and marker stampers. This week I'm going to set out dot painters for him.

This has been a fun workbox idea for J3 and he loves to work on it.


Ronette said...

I'm all over this idea, Heather! My own little three year old loves spelling his name and tries writing it on his MagnaDoodle. I'm going to steal this idea and put it on our agenda for next week.


Rebecca said...

Great idea! Thanks!