Friday, March 13, 2009

Molly's Arrival

R8 is a good saver and she loves to save her allowance for American Girl dolls. She saved for Felicity and Kaya on her own. This time she had decided to get Molly. Last week we finally got to order and she arrived on Wednesday.

Molly meets the girls

The girls invited her right on in...
I'm not sure who's next. R8 prefers the historical dolls so she has Addy, Josefina, and Julie left to get other than friend dolls. I think Elizabeth or maybe Ruthie would be her first choices in friend dolls. I did let her know that if they come out with an 80s historical doll (Julie is the 70s doll) that we'll have to get that one next! She's decided Kit would make a great "Today Doll" for her because she has a blonde bob too!

I remember when we were gearing up to purchase the first doll- Kirsten. There was much concern over R8's brothers- particularly her littlest one being kind to the doll. I have to say though that her three brothers give the AG dolls a lot of respect. J3's bed is right to the left of the dolls. When he saw Molly he made sure to name the whole collection. As long as he knows who he is dealing with he's cool. So far no trips to the AG doll hospital.

I know what you're thinking, but these beat large plastic accessories for Barbies or Polly Pockets!! These girls don't take up much room. R8 has some accessories and clothing (these make great gift ideas), but she likes the dolls themselves best.

Plus, and I will admit it, I don't discourage the collection one bit. That is "mommy of one girl and three boys prerogative". I'm just sayin'.


km said...

My girl will be 4 soon...and she has a Bitty Baby, but I'm so waiting for the real dolls. And I can't wait to do some units on the dolls. I've got a few years.

Anonymous said...

KWYM, I have 3 boys and love having doll time with my only dd. She's 5 and has Josephina and Felicity. Josephina is a beautiful doll. We enjoy making doll clothes for this size doll.

Heather said...

Oh yes! The units! I am planning on buying the unit study- Portraits of American Girlhood to do some studies of the girls. Fun stuff!

R8 got Bitty Baby when she was 2yo for Christmas. She named her Mary. That doll is still as cute as ever and has worn so well.

Ging we plan to make bunches of stuff for the dolls. Once the pin cushion is finished we'll be working on a carrying bag that will carry two dolls.

Debi said...

Just found your blog last night. I hope to get my 1 daughter her first Bitty Baby this year, she will be 2 in Oct. I don't think that her 6 big brothers would mess or hurt the dolls as they each have one or two that they themselves would love to own.
Congratulations on the newest addition to her little family!
Mama to T, A, N, M, J, C, and R so far, praying that there will be more.

School for Us said...

My daughter, 8, has 2 AG dolls - Josephina and one of the Dolls of the Year, Jess. She has been BEGGING for another doll. Hmmm... after seeing your daughter's dolls all lined up, I'll have to think about it. I love the idea of having her save up her allowance. Of course, this means we'd have to start giving her an allowance. :-)

Garrett said...

You know I am with you on the doll thing. If Riley ever stops loving them I'm gonna cry. And her brothers totally respect the dolls. I think they would be scared not to! :)

deleise said...

Sorry, Garrett was me. SHEESH!!!