Friday, March 13, 2009

Math Fun

Found some fun stuff recently and just knew I had to share! I haven't had a chance to explore everything so you never know when another burst of math fun will appear.

Mostly free math stuff- a collection of math links where you can find free math stuff on the web

Let's Play Math
- a homeschool math blog

Alcumus- math challenge problem solving site

Homeschool Math Blog- complete with a current time freebie from CurrClick.

I've recently resurrected the math journal for E10. It's a great place for him to work on math challenges and to get creative in his problem solving. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine had a great article on it this winter. He's begun Life of Fred Fractions and works his problems in the journal. He will finish Horizons Math 5 today and will be off and running on Math 6- the last in the Horizons series. Wow.

Tomorrow is a busy day, but I think it would be fun to participate in Pi Day! There are tons of ideas out there so check out the link. My favorite link for Pi Day was the one that allows you to see where your birthday lies in Pi!

For some classical fun you can check out this book- Mathematicians are People Too. This will be great fodder for the math journal. Our library system has it so we checked it out.


Shonda said...

Heather, I would love to hear more about math journals. Can you give an overview sometime? Thanks!

Heather said...

Great idea Shonda. I will do it soon!