Sunday, March 15, 2009

Checkin' Out North America

So, here is the first check-point in our time with the World Explorers. We had a great week.

We made a four part flap book on the Vikings along with a little reconstruction of a Viking long ship from that little Chick-fil-A craft book.

We recorded the route of Leif Erickson on our world map. I think we'll try to use different colored yarn for the different explorers. We'll mark their places of origin and their various destinations.

I puffy heart LOVE Google Earth!! It is the best globe ever!! I love to click on it and just move the earth around to see different views. It's just great when you go from one location to another. I love the way it flies you back out to space and zooms down again. So. Cool.

We hit North America on the geography trail since that is where the Vikings took us eventually.

I decided to purchase the Homeschool in the Woods New World Explorer hands on unit after all. It was just too tempting and we had a great time with the intro lesson on Friday using the free download.
We reviewed the seven continents, we talked about what an explorer is and why people explored. It was a fun lesson.

Good news! After being mailed out Friday, I received the CD on explorers yesterday and that means no more stalling...we're gonna groove right along. Tip- I ordered it from The Old Schoolhouse so I could skip the tax and shipping.

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School for Us said...

Looks like a great start to your explorers study. I'm looking forward to reading more as you all learn together!