Thursday, March 12, 2009

Box Samples...

I thought I'd report on how the boxes are working out. We start our day with our unit study. This was Tuesday when we marked the route of the Vikings on the world map. Two of the kids did extra maps colored any way they wanted for the cover of the explorers notebook.

J3 had an audio CD in one of his boxes so here he is in the listening corner with his book

In one box I put some blocks and cars for him to use a jump start for cars play. Now that the car mat is finally back in place, he had a good time zooming around. Not a magic box, but it is an idea starter for him which is often all he needs to initiate a long play sequence.

I-6 checks out knight websites from his internet linked book and this day he did a 100s chart activity.

R8 has a note to work on her 4-H poster and her Klutz sewing book has the pattern for her pin cushion. I'm keeping that one in the box till the job is done. She made some good headway yesterday.

She's also working on her quilt square for pioneer craft class at co-op and a 100s chart activity for her math.

A writing activity complete with the word cards ready to go

We've been at it for three days now. I've made several observations.
  1. This really has been great for me because it forces me to get things ready ahead of time and it makes sure what I do get ready is in a place easy to find for each child.
  2. Students who tend to wander off when they tire of doing a task can still wander off when their boxes are full of things to do.
  3. This method makes it easy for me to make sure things get pulled off the shelf and used- all good.
  4. I need to figure out a good time to load the boxes. I have lots of ideas, but no energy for the job after bedtime. I end up doing it in the morning before breakfast. Not ideal either.
  5. This will keep me on my toes!
  6. I haven't filled all 12 boxes yet, but I'm getting closer. I'm not worried if they don't do 12 things. 12 is a whole lot!
All in all, still love it. Still worth it.


Anonymous said...

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Holly said...

I love looking at everyone's workboxes! I'm going to post our first day after lunch :)