Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Hatmaker's Sign

Last week, as the older kids were finishing their unit on Betsy Ross, I did a very light row of The Hatmaker's Sign with I-6. I say light because this is a volume 4 book designed to be rowed for 2 weeks and the concepts are for older kids. However, since we'd rowed Paul Revere last year and we were all about the American Revolution around here, I decided to try it out anyway. This is one we will definitely visit again when he is older.

A map of the 13 colonies

His rendition of a new sign for the Hatmaker. He's a minimalist. Soldiers from the American revolution

His map of Boston where the landmarks are passed in the story and a puzzle timeline of Lexington and Concord in pictures really.

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Jen said...

Ha! Jack is a minimalist, too!