Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maps and Map Sources

This is my favorite source for outline maps. I just added to our collection in the late summer and I've used it here and there for our mapping needs. I also reverted back to my standbys in a pinch. This afternoon I pulled out the CD to print some maps for tomorrow and took some time to browse the CD for a bit. All I can say is - wow!

This has all the outline maps you can imagine for the US and around the world. It has color relief maps, color political maps, black outline maps, all kinds of maps of regions and states, the world, ancient maps, just a crazy lot of maps! I bought my copy at Rainbow Resource. They do have a book of the masters, but there are extras on the CD. I also ran across a driveway map that is in beta testing, but I haven't had the time to explore that one yet.

Other fun products from the same company which we use:

Ultimate Timeline and Geography Guide- this is a neat study of geography using history and literature. It has lots of outline maps in it and all kinds of ideas. Just an all around fun resource!

Trail Guide to US Geography

Trail Guide to World Geography

We have used these resources to follow along with our FIAR studies and to take journeys now and then outside of the unit study. Very soon we are embarking on a journey of exploration and we'll be using the trail guides a lot more.

Where else can you find maps?

Enchanted Learning - if you pay the membership, you can get the maps full size without words. So worth it!

Scholastic Outline Maps- I used this one for the first year or more we homeschooled.

abcteach- There are membership benefits on this site as well - I haven't explored this one a whole lot for maps, but I did see that they have them.


Holly said...

Do you know how often I find that we have the same stuff!!! We have the Ultimate book too! Now when you mentioned the Uncle Josh CD on the DC thread I almost asked who's brother he was... so glad I didn't lol!

Saille said...
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Saille said...

I love the Uncle Josh CD, and we're using Trail Guide to World Geography next fall!

I wrote a really long blog post on this topic a while back, and it still gets a lot of hits. Here's the link, if you'd like to see it:

(I deleted and reposted this comment because the link was too long and running off the page. Replaced it with a tinyurl.)

Marya said...

Uncle Josh's are my very favorite outline maps too. I love the trail guides but found them hard to use with my dysgraphic kids...