Saturday, March 7, 2009

Using Trays

I've been thinking of using trays with J3 for a while now. I like the idea of giving him boundaries in an activity. When I read Carisa's post about her trays, I knew I had to get some! I'm still working on a list of tray activities. Some I have on hand and others I will need to put together. J3 loved it when we tried it the other day.

The pom-pom tray

He uses the tongs to pick up the poms and put them in the container

Of course with these mad cutting skills, I'm not sure why the pom activity seems so necessary!

I'm working on a new system of organizing our daily homeschool. I am so on fire about it, I can hardly contain myself. I hope to finish getting it ready for Monday and you can be sure there will be a post coming soon! As I'm working on that, I'm thinking of all the great tray activities I can put together for J3. Stay tuned for my list!


School for Us said...

When my daughter was about that age, I had a pom pom activitiy for her, too. But, we used a coffee filter grabber - I don't know the real name. Anyway, different types of "grabbers" might be interesting, too!

And, we did LOTS of cutting. One thing I did was to hang yarn off the side of a table and have her cut pieces.

Have fun! It makes me miss those younger days...

Your dh said...

Can we get a bigger tray for all the kids when they play LEGOs?

Heather said...

Uh sure honey...we'll add it to what I just brought home and set up!

But remember I'm brainstorming the parameters of the LEGO LAB.

Michele@Philoxenos said...

Where did you get the trays from? I think I read that Carissa got hers from Target a while back or maybe she ordered them? But I've been thinking that trays would be a great idea for my little guy.

Heather said...

Michele I got the trays from

Carissa got hers from Oriental Trading Company.