Thursday, March 19, 2009

Funtastic Frogs

Another must have item in the math world- the Funtastic Frogs! Dan loves it when they come out to play because they end up everywhere. The frogs are his nemesis. He especially loved it when I brought a hundred more home for the logs! Ha!

Here we have the frogs in a box, their laces (little hands can lace the frogs and we have cards for dictating the lacing pattern for those inclined to those sorts of challenges), the balance which is a family favorite, and the logs- the logs are for counting by 10s up to 100. Only small frogs can sit on logs.

There are four card sets for the frogs. Preschool through first grade or so can you the cards for practicing number patterns, matching and counting, lacing patterns, and color matching for patterns.

Frog math and science books- the three math volumes go through some basic skills with the help of the frogs and the science labs use the frogs too. I will pull these and copy them for an activity here and there. They are for grades K-2.
The frogs make great counters for beginning adding and subtracting. That is probably how we use them the most.

I've had some questions about where I purchased the frogs. I've seen them at Barnes and Noble on occasion, but I ordered these from Rainbow Resource.


Your dh said...

The frogs are on my favorites list right next to the button bin!

Debi said...

hi can you post or list where you get some of your supplies? I do like the look of the frogs and workbooks, but I live in a very rural area and would need to shop on line. Thanks. I am loving your blog, so many great ideas.

Heather said...

Not a problem Debi! I'll make sure to post where I find my items.

For now try That is where I do a lot of my shopping.

Heather said...

The button post is coming Dan!! Loving you!

chubbycheeks said...

Where did you get the frogs? They look very fun!

Susan said...

How many and which sets of frogs do you recommend for 2 toddlers? I know that I want to get the big set (100 or so) of 3 different sizes but should I get another set?

jade said...

I've been searching for the frogs and logs, it appears the company does not make them anymore. Where can I find a set??? I need help!!!1