Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cuisenaire Rods

Since there seems to be quite a few people asking about what goes into our workboxes, I have decided to start another sidebar category for box activities. After thinking about how to organize it, I have decided on dividing up the activities by subject area or type. I will start the sidebar items today and add to them as time goes on. Don't forget to buy the workbox book so you can get even more ideas from the author Sue Patrick.

We bought these rods to add to our collection of math manipulatives last summer. Since then I've pulled them out now and then, but the workboxes make it easy for me to pull an activity and place it in the box.

I have two sets of the wooden rods for four kids. I have two Idea Books- one is for grades K-3 and one is for grades 4-6. I'm not familiar enough with the rods to just come up with productive activities so I like these books. The alphabet book is fun and J3 likes to make the letters with the rods. I put the alphabet book and roddle pages into page protectors after unbinding the book so they are easy to lay flat. They are stored in a 3-ring binder. I picked up the older, green book for free.

This is a puzzle from the Roddle book that E10 just finished working on. In one of the riddles, he had to arrange the rods so that none were the same color in a row- sort of a Soduko type puzzle.

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I have been enjoying your blog since I was introduced to it during the workbox beginning not too long ago! Thanks for a fun and interesting read.

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