Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Great Public Speaker Is Born

R8 chose to participate in the 4-H Public Presentation event this past week. She did a demonstration on how to make a cool paper airplane (from her brother's Klutz Paper Airplane book). She did a fabulous job. R8 loves to do oral reports and when she knows her topic, she is fantastic!

On Wednesday night, she performed excellently and took home the gold sticker! She gets to proceed to the county level which will take place on March 14th.

She went step by step and this girl is not afraid of a little silence. She kept her poise and threw in extemporaneous information that she had not practiced. Yes...she definitely came alive in front of an audience. It was a pleasure to watch. She fielded questions and the judge told her Martha Stewart needs to be afraid!

She made a Nakamura Lock plane

R8 told everyone she is a paper folder- so true! She has lots of books on paper folding and loves to paper craft. A lot. In fact, so much so that I actually have a county recycling bin in our school room to take up the leftover mess. Don't worry it's clean and new and doesn't really spend any time outside. I just transfer the paper to an outside bin for recycling day- usually. Otherwise, I just run out and rescue the bin as soon as the truck comes. What parents won't do...

Paper airplane book

One of her paper folding books
We bought this one with the special paper included

More paper crafting projects

Afterward, we took everyone out to Friendly's to celebrate. It was a fun family night out. I told Dan that it looks like we are a 4-H family. I was a scout. Dan dabbled in Rangers. The kids love participating in the fair so much and are both officers this year. I'm still getting to know what 4-H is all about, but one of my favorite things is that it's unifying for our family. Boys and girls are together so that is a real plus when it comes to keeping things manageable with four kids.

So, who knows? Maybe she's state fair bound! I'll keep you posted.


the reynolds said...

Yay!!!! Public speaking is a good skill to have. 4-H is a wonderful program. My dh grew up in 4-H, I was in 4-H and my kiddos are in it too. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Heather -- Shelly L. here, from the FIAR boards (you know, from Kansas?) : )

Hey, the Usborne paper projects book looks really good! Do you guys use that one? Someday when my homeschooling 'ship' comes in and I can buy all the stuff on my wishlist, I would like to invest in some Usborn art books, and this one looks like one my daughter would thoroughly enjoy.

By the way, nice blog! I enjoy catching up with your school life on here and being inspired!

Shelly L.

Heather said...

Hey Shelly,

Yes! My daughter loves that papercrafting book. She makes mounds of folding projects in her spare time.

Sometimes her brothers join in too.

You know the best way to get Usborne books is to have a book show. In the past, I have had one show a year and it allows me to get just about everything on my wish list. There aren't too many Usborne books I don't have. ; )

Maybe there's a nearby consultant in Kansas?


Heather said...

I forgot to say that as part of the Usborne show you can have and e-show component so you can have far away friends and family participate.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..... I have an acquaintance that used to sell Usborne books -- maybe she is still doing that. I'll have to check around, or see if anyone knows of anyone else. Hadn't thought of doing a book show.... Thanks!

Shelly L.