Friday, February 13, 2009

Evidence of Molecules or Why Does Hot Air Rise?

We did an experiment to show the evidence of molecules and to illustrate how hot air rises. When Betsy goes to buy her ice skates in July, the black smith has to find them in the loft where it is super hot. So, why does hot air rise?

First you put a wet nickel on the top of a bottle and put your hands around it to warm up the air.

Then you wait to see when the nickel jumps! See it moved aside.

We illustrated what the molecules are doing in the bottle. The kids were able to tell me what cold molecules are doing compared to the hot ones. Yeah...a big chunk of prior knowledge on their part. With two science oriented parents, you should hear our dinner conversations some nights...and yes my science teacher self still loves an old fashioned chalkboard. I really, really miss the old black slate board I had in my classroom. Smooth- Mmmmm....

The kids made their own three panel paper.

They enjoyed it. The best part was J3 sitting down to dinner and telling Dan that you put the nickel on top and it moves because of air pressure after your hands warm the air in the bottle. Love that!


Dana @ Our Sunny Side said...

Neat experiment. Science was never my forte'. I'll have to lurk on your site and see what other neat things you have here.

School for Us said...

I love the bottle diagram of cold,warm, and hot! It's a great illustration.