Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amber on the Mountain

We spent a week and a half recently doing Amber on the Mountain with I-6. The Five in a Row fold and learn totally made the book for us. Don't hesitate to purchase it! The best part is I found this book at a consignment shop for .75. We had a great time with this one from volume 3.

Vocabulary and similes

art and math lessons

Of course we talked about mountains. Just so you know, a lot of times in the notebook I will have I-6 trace my letters once he dictates his sentences or lists to me. Or I will simply copy what he narrates to me. He does his writing with his reading and since he can tell me much more than he can write at his age, he narrates to me and I write it down. Sometimes I use his narrations for copywork on the StartWrite paper and we put that in the notebook.


Debbie said...

The FNL looks great!

the reynolds said...

Does your 6yo do a lot of the scrapbook himself or do you do it with him and he goes back again and again for enjoyment and review? My 6 yo helps but I think he likes it the most when he can reminisce! Looks like a fun FnL! You are great Heather!

Heather said...

Just had to say how I love seeing the fold and learns in action! Not something I get to see too often so I was pretty excited when I saw you using it! I so hope you enjoyed it!

School for Us said...

I had not heard of Fold and Learns. They look great! And, I love how you've spiral bound this book.

sippy cup mom said...

Great ideas. I am not sure how to contact you, but I wanted to share that we just rowed the book.