Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Getting Ready

So before the squirrel came to live with us- well made herself known I should say- I had begun some nitty gritty preparations for the new school year (which incidentally started yesterday). One of the items on my list was to clean off our school table. I'd been putting it off...

This is pretty bad, yes? Paper stuck to the table, marker everywhere, glue bumps out. of. control.
I began with water and took my nylon scraper and just hit it hard! I had a paper towel in hand to wipe off the glue residue. Piles of carelessly place gluestick glue ALL OVER! I had a great workout by the end. Who needs weight training? Clean a glue-y table. You'll be carefully sculpted. I have no doubt.

Everyone had a hand in the sponge work including J3. Scary water you say? Yes, it was.

Very scary

Aaahhh the finished product! By the way, this table is an old kitchen table that we've been hanging onto since we got married and it was handed down to us. Instead of spending money on an adjustable leg school table, Dan split and worked a four by four into three sets of legs. The shortest set are on now. We have two more sets we can put on as the kids grow taller. Note: it was two of these extra legs we armed ourselves with to beat the squirrel to death in our hallway. After using them through the rabbit wire to push the nest out of the chimney, they could use another sanding. I'm just sayin'.

And there you have it. The cleanest table around all set for meaningful conversations and brilliant homeschool moments.

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