Friday, August 15, 2008

The Day Finally Arrived!

I thought it might never get here...our Rainbow Resource order that is. We had some setbacks, but finally ordered up the rest of our things for this coming school year. You know. The one we started this past Monday... FYI- I totally reserve the right to find something else absolutely fabulous as we progress, but the bulk of it arrived today.

This is a very exciting day in the world of homeschooling. It's like "back to school" shopping- only WAY better. When the UPS guy pulled in, the kids shouted, ran to get scissors, and told me to get my camera. Now whatever would I need that for? Observe the excitement:

E9 insists on opening the box himself.

It's not bubble paper, but everyone knows these make a huge, satisfying sound when popped!

Then of course, there is the box itself- very entertaining!

Even for the bigger kids...

Math stuff- Horizons Math for three kids, a math game book, and a 100s board book for which I do not have a 100s board. Long story involving a better one from somewhere else that in the end (after this order was made) was too much even for me to get. So, I guess I'm making my own or something...

More Cuisenaire rods and the primary and intermediate idea books for them.

Super DELUXE Scrabble in a crushed box. Would you believe that they put this game box underneath our dense stack of books. Geniuses. I'm working on compensation for this...
Plus, there's our foreign language experience for the year- Latin.

Exciting stuff here for our Explorers and Native American units. The Jim Weisse story telling CDs are a new favorite for the kids. These two are about Sir Francis Drake and The early stargazers. Fun stuff.

Maps and more maps and US Geography fun. Stay tuned for our Trail Guide notebooks for the year- part of E9's independent study for the year.

There are just a few items we are waiting on now... a model of the eye from Timberdoodle, our set of Narnia CDs from Focus on the Family, a super duper 3 way timer that I can wear on a lanyard so I can keep track of more than one thing at a time while trying to potty train (for good) our youngest, and finally we are now awaiting our first Cobblestone magazine.



Jennifer said...

Oh time at the W's!!!!! Rock on, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious how Prima Latina works for you. Keep me posted.

Sorry about the game. You people are serious gamers. They really should know better.

Jana in SoCal

Kim said...

WooHoo!! I love it when book orders come in.