Sunday, June 1, 2008

Truman's Ant Farm

This book marks the end of our official school year. Next stop are the summer adventures. Here are a few details of our study. I will say the kids thoroughly enjoyed this book and they really love the ants.

So the ants are tunneling a bit here and there. They like to crowd together on top a lot.

I-5's title page. He has taken to drawing ant tunnels. He also made a green ant from his very own Model Magic stash.

The kids dictated to me some ants facts they know. Ant form courtesy of Homeschool Share. The art work was practicing faces with a cartoon style. This one belongs to I-5. You can tell on account of the superheroes.

R8 drew some really cute faces, yes?

We talked a lot about homonyms/homographs, etc and made a nice list with E9. They put them on cards and we stored them in a pocket in their notebooks. We can always pull them out during reviews now.


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