Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday R8!!

Can it be? I remember the day she was born so clearly! June 1, 2000- my parents were here waiting for her arrival and after they'd been here several days, I went into labor. They were staying in their RV -which was in the street in front of our house because they couldn't get it under a tree at the end of our driveway...did I mention we'd only lived here about 3 or so months and the trailer was here for two weeks? My dad had to go back to work and unhitched his truck and drove to DC- leaving the trailer out front. I'm sure the neighbors were nervous...the license plates said West Virginia! Plus my mom brought her three dogs with her. Makes me laugh just thinking about it! She also proceeded to meet all of our neighbors- even the ones we hadn't met! ANYWAY, Dan knocked on their door not long after midnight to let them know we needed to leave for the hospital. We both took one last look at E9 as an only child and took off. By the time I arrived at the hospital, my contractions were about 2 minutes apart...I'll spare you all the details, but in the end she was born via c-section.

A baby girl! I could hardly believe it when the doctor announced it. Her baby-hood seems like a blur, but one thing I remember so well is that she and E9 were fast friends from the start. I think it's all a blur partially because she wanted to be a big girl from the start. As a mom of three boys and one girl I can tell you that baby girls are not quite as cuddly as baby boys- at least with mommy! She has been on the go right from the start and never slept as well as my sleepy boys either!

Today R8 is a kind-hearted little girl who always has an encouraging word. She likes to include others in her activities and is not afraid to just step right up and dig in- no matter what it is. She is such a second born! Never cautious- always ready to give something a try on a moment's notice. We've been going to a new church now for about 6 weeks or so and from the very first day there, she's been front and center at the children's sermon just talking away! I think every week I get a compliment on how much they love her. So cute!

Despite the fact that she is surrounded by three brothers, she is all girl but she can take care of herself! She loves to play her brothers' lego games, spy games, superhero stunts, but you can be sure she'll steal away to play with her Polly Pockets and American Girl dolls or take out her art box and create away. She probably has the best demeanor with J2. She is so good at leading him along and encouraging him to do the right thing- they play so well together and they are the best roommates. J2 loves to ask for R8 and play nicely with her whatever pretend game it is while he rolls around on the floor with his brothers...boys!

So, happy birthday R8! Our beautiful, bright,and amazingly intuitive precious little girl. I can hardly wait to see what God has in mind for you! We love you!

Last week was her party so today we celebrated as a family with her. After church she got to open up her presents and play. She also had a special dinner of her choice (pasta of course...she is the ultimate pasta hog and broccoli- her favorite veggie only I didn't have any so she picked carrots.) and some strawberry shortcake. She ended the day with some painting time- on that new canvas of course!

R8 hides behind her stash: art canvases, Samantha and her accessories, a prairie dress along with one for Kirsten, and three American Girl activity kits

I coaxed Grandma out of sewing retirement for these. Aren't they beautiful? Just perfect! R8 will be so excited to wear these to her one room school house field trip next week.

Kirsten models her new dress

Back view...Grandma you outdid yourself! I can't wait to see what arrives for the boys this week. I know...I know...the machine is going away for a while. I so appreciate your hard work. Now is probably not the time to mention that Nani (my mom) is a pretty good seamstress herself having made many beautiful things for me and for my nieces...somehow though she is just not as easy to coax into grandmotherly behavior (love you mom!) ; )

Before the day was out, I knew I had to let R8 try out painting on her canvas.

She had a grand time! More on this assignment and our artist study soon, but we'll be working on this in the evenings until it is finished.

All in all she had a super day!


Sheri said...

Hope she has/had a wonderful day, it sure looks like it!

Jen said...

Looks like it was a super day!

Your dh said...

WOW you like to talk in bold! (and have really long parenthetical paragraphs!)

Heather said...

No heckling allowed Dan!!

Loving you...

Edwena said...

The dresses for your daughter and her doll were beautiful. Looks like everyone was blessed.