Saturday, May 24, 2008

Birthday Party...American Girl/Scrap Style!

Today was R7's big birthday bash- We invited her friends and their dolls to join us for some scrapbooking fun this afternoon. Next Sunday she'll be 8...more on her actual birthday celebration to come.

Here are some of the girls who came over- we have a mixture of girls of the year, American Girl today dolls and a few historical dolls- Felicity was especially excited that Elizabeth was here!

The favor bags- scrapbooking goodies inside along with a few bites of candy

The stash inside- patterned scissors, a $1 album from Target in girly colors, adhesive, and a spool of ribbon- plus pictures of the girls and their dolls at the party and a bit of candy

The cake- a homemade ice cream cake made by Dan! It was yummo!!

Dan dressed as a waiter in a fine establishment and served the girls "tea" in tea cups. They were served on fine china with little china tea set centerpiece- very cute. Before the cake, he also served strawberries and cheese sandwiches and pretzels. Thanks for taking care of the food Dan! Most of the girls loved it...there were lots of giggles!


Anonymous said...

Awww, sounds like you all had a wonderful time!! What a great idea! :)

Lynn said...

Oh, Heather, that is just TOO TOO adorable!! You have a good man, you do!

And, yes, when you've got just one princess, you gotta go for dolls and go all out!


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth was very excited to see Felicity, too. She couldn't wait until the party. Elizabeth is hoping that Felicity and her girl can come spend the night one day soon.

Love Dan's waiter ensemble!

deleise said...

Love it! Did Dan get any tips?