Friday, May 23, 2008

Countin' by Twos...

Recently, the younger kids have been practicing counting by twos. I-5 can also count by 3s and 4s pretty well. To put this skill into practice the other day, I had him do his math addition sums with frogs. I also requested that he count the total number of frogs by twos. I think he understands the power of counting by twos now!

There they are all paired out- oh and look one was left behind that means the number is odd.

Now that we have the answer, it's time to write it down!

I-5 is on and off with his number formation. See that 8 up there- look pretty good? Today he wrote one that was lopsided (now he was laying on the floor with me doing his math- which I'm sure had nothing to do with his poor penmanship but maybe someone should speak to his teacher about that...). Anyway, of course I asked him about it. His reply and I quote, "I think it looks fine, but since you are so picky I will change it."

Hilarious. Now you can be sure this was not said with malice or attitude but with a twinkle- eyed grin on his face. Boys.

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