Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Couple of Art/Craft Sites

I just can't let these go without sharing them with everyone! I found these through a blog called By Sun and Candlelight.

Art Projects for Kids- this one is fantastic! She has lots of projects for kids based on real art techniques. One of R7's birthday presents is a pair of large art canvases. I have a project in mind for one of them. Stay tuned after June 1st to see the results which will hopefully adorn her bedroom wall.

The Crafty Crow- which hosts lots of ideas from different contributors. I found one that I really like and I can't wait to try it out at our house. Check this out!


Your dh said...

Wow, getting bold posting what birthday presents are before they are given!

Michele said...

Thanks for posting The Art Projects for kids site. I use the other two regularly, but didn't know about this one!

Anonymous said...

I have bookmarked these sites. Thanks Heather!

Jana in SoCal

Deanna said...

Great links. Thanks for sharing. You always find such nifty ideas to share. I think that clipboard idea would really work wonders with the "mess" I'm trying to organize this summer.