Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's Outdoor Hour

Today on our way home from the doctor's, we noticed a really glorious sky! It was filled with large cumulonimbus clouds from one end to the other. I knew we'd have to spend some time with that for our Outdoor Hour today. By the time we got home the storm was upon us and we've since had another. So, we observed from indoors today.

After checking Comstock's book for clouds, we thought we'd look for more details. We found them in our Usborne Weather Spotter's Guide.

I-6 loves clouds and storms! Did I mention that last week we had a very rare tornado watch and the first thing he did was take all his new superhero dress ups to a corner in the basement?
Here are the rest of our clouds- mine to the right, E9's to the left at the top and the last one is R8's.

Today was a great day to observe the weather. The temperature dropped at least 10 degrees during the first storm and tomorrow it will only be about 62 degrees. I wonder what kind of front that was that passed through, hmm?

We have a few more nature study topics on deck and of course there is this week's Outdoor Hour challenge which involves pollen. More on this a bit later.
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