Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Comes to NY

Disclaimer: I have NO idea what the deal is with my pictures. I tried to load them up to the left or right just for fun and now I can't get it to space right. There's tons of space in the post, but when I'm composing the spaces aren't there so unless I re-load all these pictures...this is what you get!

As promised, I'm posting some pictures of our yard in all its spring splendor! Lynn, we're just about there, but no planting until May 31st and it's still cold out!

These are the last of our daffodils in the back garden. They are planted in a two tiered circle type thing. All around the bottom tier are the daffodils. In the center there a few hyacinths and and some wild flowers that come out later in the season like my favorites the Black Eyed Susans.

We are going to plant a pizza garden in the middle this year. We'll see how that goes.

Here is one of the hyacinths. You can probably see the garden has not been weeded much, but it has had some attention. Dan has promised to break the ground for our pizza garden and I suppose that means moving some of these bulbs.

Here are the Forget-me-Nots in our front little flower bed. Dan likes to mow them. I like to keep them!

We have lots of brambles between properties and some of them are forsythia bushes. So nice to finally see them arrive. With the rain we've had all week and the bright sun in between and cooler temperatures the growth of all the green seems sudden.

We do have tulips here and there. On the other end we have a bright pink one and there used to be some out with the daffodils when we first moved here.

The couple we bought from were elderly and for every occasion their kids bought them plants and we have a scattering of lots of different items around the yard.

When our neighbors down the street moved away (and we miss them terribly) they took some of their irises and hostas and they brought some our way. They started out so small and look at them in their third season. This gets mulched nicely as soon as the mulch pile in the village shows up, but since I haven't seen the guys come around with their chipper, I don't see the mulch pile appearing too soon. Besides, the cat next door has decided this lovely new garden makes a great cat box. I loathe cats. Anyone with suggestions on keeping the cat out of our flower garden. Let me know.

Here's Dan finally getting a chance to try out his dutch oven. He's preparing to become an expert so he can amaze and delight us all with meals while we are camping this summer. What's inside? Some kind of peanut butter chocolate swirl number. It looked restaurant yummy believe it or not and it just might qualify as rock star status!


Lynn said...

Oh, Heather, how nice to see spring!! I know you are happy about it. Your flowers look so healthy. You must show me more as things progress.

Yaaaay spring!

Lynn :)

Alana - The Mommy said...

Is that the tree that you guys had to down last year?

That is a lot of firewood!

When we went camping last week, they had a large dutch oven cookoff. It looked like tons of fun. Who knew there were clubs for dutch oven cooking? Maybe Dan could join one, in all his spare time. LOL!