Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Wild Horses of Sweetbriar

This week R7 and I-5 studied The Wild Horses of Sweetbriar- a story about a young girl whose family lives on a remote island off of Nantucket where they were the only people and the wild horses roamed free.

We got to visit MA- again...I think I should have planned that better! The horse is from the Draw Write Now series and both did a nice job.

We picked one animal to get to know better. Who isn't familiar with a Canada Goose? The kids read how the geese flew honking a sad song as they left for the winter.

R7's horse- she had a nice color scheme going there. I think she could use a lesson on the "thirds rule"- see below...

Since we've done a lot of visiting in the state of MA, this time we focused on the state bird and the state flower.

Some of the other activities during this book were:
  • first person point of view and the pronouns we use with it
  • vocabulary
  • counting by 10s- a good review for both
  • using a true incident to write a fictional story (this was based on a true story but was fictionalized by changing the setting)
  • review of smiles
  • we put up the story disk on our map and reviewed other settings by placing disks from other stories we've done recently
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