Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sarah, Plain and Tall

"Outside, the prairie reached out and touched the places where the sky came down."

His first assignment was to take a description from the text and make a picture. I taught him the "rule of thirds" in the art world so that he didn't make his sky and grass meet half way. He got to experiment with making the grass small and the sky enormous using Prismacolor pencils.

In this version he made the sky a sliver and the prairie huge. Out of the two I like this one better. E9 likes the other one because this one reminds him of being like an animla on the ground. Either way it was a most enjoyable assignment!

These are the dividers for the different notebooking sections. There's a big focus on the ocean and the prairie during this unit so he'll be adding a lot to these sections. However, if they get too big we can always pull them out. The other sections are ELA (English/Language Arts) and Social Studies.

The new notebook- E9 likes it when I make a copy of the book cover and use the Xyron machine to get it to permanently attach to the front of the folder.
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the reynolds said...

Heather - I love all your ideas for your BY studies! Since you are ahead of me, I'll be using a lot of your ideas too! Thanks!

Gail in Ohio (Fellow FIARer)

Edwena said...

Love the grassy field pictures. I too love the taller grass, your ds had a very good thought on that one too though. Thanks for sharing.

Your dh said...

Soon you may claim that the second picture represents our front yard!