Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Book Treasures!

I'm excited about some recent book acquisitions this week and last. I know what you're thinking...doesn't she have enough books? Nope...homeschoolers almost never have enough books! Though I will be looking at what I can purge so we don't get owned by them. ; )

This set came from my personal book buyer. Did you know I have one? Her name is Alana and she occasionally gives me a call from her book outlets asking if I have this book or that. This time I am the recipient of some American Girl books and Roxaboxen which is a volume 4 FIAR book. See the last little one over there? Mitten Strings for God? She surprised me with that one. I've had my eye on it for a long time and she had it sent to me with a paperback swap wish. What a friend!

So, I had some time to bide yesterday between the dentist and co-op and I wandered down to the library's book sale. Can we say jackpot?? We found these American Girl goodies- above there several cookbooks, a theater kit, and Addy's World which is a great book on the Civil War times. All of these are generally out of print so I keep my eye out for them. I'd love to get my hands on Felicity's World.

Can you tell we are collecting? I notice sometimes these books are in abundance so one day we may unload them all, but for now we are having fun and these were all .75 each. Next week, they'll be 50 cents and on down. We left some there to check on titles and you can be sure I will be checking again.

A little out of order, we also stayed late at co-op to take a look at items people were unloading in the curriculum world. I was able to score some cool things like the What Your ________ Needs to Know. I have these two titles on this year's list to buy. I also got some computer DK programs on geography and science and a silly sentences DK puzzle- everything pictured was $10!

E9 was sooo excited to get all but one of the Indian in the Cupboard series- the last one was only copyrighted 2007 so I think he'll need to get that one new, but you never know.

Finally, I was able to get some other fun things at the library sale. Two FIAR books- Mailing May and When I was Young in the Mountains along with Scribble Art (I've always wanted it), Pocketful of Cricket, a bat book, and super cool superhero reader for I-5. Lastly, a Cobblestone Magazine on Columbus. We are doing a unit on explorers next year and these little magazines are pretty neat. I'm hoping for a subscription for this next year. In the meantime, maybe I'll find a few more.

I have to add that I found gobs of Before FIAR titles and I'm so sorry I left them now. Hopefully this coming weekend I will be able to pick them up and they'll be even cheaper. Surely no one else will see the same value in those books? I left them because I thought for sure Dan would think me certifiable if I brought home books I already have. I was pressing the limit as it was, yes? Then when I gushed all about my finds he said, "You should have gotten them. You could use them for blog giveaways."

Dan I love you!


Edwena said...

That was very sweet of your husband. It sounds like you have some good sources for books. Have you ever thought about picking up some books for a good deal and selling them for a little more to those of us who don't have such good sources. Hey, then your dh really wouldn't mind. Just an idea.

Shannon said...

Hi Heather!
Thanks for tagging me. I've missed y'all over at FIAR. Our life has gotten way too hectic in the last few weeks, and I've tried to spend computer time keeping the blog updated.
You've found some great books...our local library has a sale this week too. I wasn't going to go, but now I think I'll have to reconsider...very tempting! :)
Hopefully I'll make it over to the boards later tonight.

Alana - The Mommy said...

We have that Silly Sentences game too! It is pretty fun.

Good finds on the cookbooks.

Sounds like you have an awesome place to find books.

Your dh said...

Love you to sweetie!