Thursday, January 17, 2008

Decluttering Update: The Pictures You've Been Waiting For!!

The before picture- We've had this hutch since we've married and it doesn't match a thing we've owned. Well except for maybe the cheval mirror in my bedroom, but that doesn't count since they don't belong in the same room! I knew I wanted it gone, but the trick was finding space for everything in it or replacing it. So, I had a flash of brilliance last weekend and decided we had a piece of furniture perfect for the job!

Now check this out! I looovve the space it left behind!! I put the china up in another cupboard in the kitchen and put tupperware in the dresser now in the dining room. That's what all the junk is on the table. I was rearranging and reorganizing. I had to take the picture with the mess though because I sold the hutch on Monday night!

Some of you have heard that we are moving a bookcase from our learning room into the living room. It's true. When Dan is ready to build the new shelves down there, we'll be moving my Amish made super cool bookcase upstairs and it will go right up against the wall behind that end table there next to the sofa. It will be on the carpet right up to the edge of the dining room. I can't wait to move my photo albums onto it. The sofa and other end table have room to move down about a foot or two so we'll need rehang the pictures.

I decided to leave the dresser where it was put while the hutch was still there. We moved it up early so I could empty the hutch for its departure. My friend Diane made me the wall board. It's been waiting for newly painted walls for a few weeks now, then I found out I could do something else with it in the meantime. Now isn't THAT cool?? If you notice the wall to the left, you can see it is scary! That is the fifth layer of wall paper directly adhered to the wall board. Tough stuff to get off. However, we are ready to proceed and when it's done it'll be quite a change!

So, those of you who have been to our home...what do you think? Is this a crazy nice change, or what??


Jen said...

I've never been to your house, but I think it looks great! : )

Alana - The Mommy said...

Great job Heather! I love that saying "Home is where your story begins" I know that was a lot of work.