Saturday, February 9, 2008

Beyond FIAR Plans Jan 21- Jan 25

Microscope work- lesson on bacteria vs viruses, facts on the element neon, and a potato experiment having to do with germs and washed vs non-washed hands

art lesson on perspective

Cricket in Times Square

  • Monday- Review non-verbal communication, neon minit book, begin Mark Twain biography
  • Tuesday- Mark Twain, chp 4 Bible study, Opera- read Mozart book
  • Wednesday- Art lesson on perspective, who was Orpheus, Mark Twain
  • Thursday- bacteria and viruses, potato experiment, journal time, read chapter 5
  • Friday- microscope time (with R7) to check out potato results, vocabulary
Beyond books can last up to 9 weeks, so each week we try to get through two chapters. He has a lot of ongoing work during this unit including (so far) adding items to his study of NY and his biography of Mark Twain.

To see the work he has done so far check out this previous update.

Discussion question and book report form (step 1) for Mark Twain

Map assignment and the back page

Maps of Connecticut and New York

Assignment on bird migration and a notebooking page on our backyard birds- the bird counting page comes from the FIAR nature studies. These studies are a real treasure so check them out!

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